Flex and Carlos


Flex is busy cutting wood when super stud Carlos Morales finds his way into the wood shop. Carlos is very open to helping Flex with whatever he needs, including a full service cock waxing. Flex fucks Carlos' mouth like he owns it, not letting him get away even when he needs a breath. He then moves on to giving Carlos' ass some much-needed attention. He taps it like a champion for a bit, but that's just to get Carlos' ass ready for the best fisting scene you'll ever see (it was the best we've ever seen and we've seen a lot). Flex works Carlos ass with his fist, eventually getting his massive fist all the way in there, then working it in and out of Carlos tight butt. This is amazing stuff! Flex finishes up by pounding Carlos for a bit longer then drops a man-sized load on his face and chest. You'll be dropping a load of your own -- we're sure.